I've had the privilege of helping people make over 400 million thru my many businesses under the umbrella of Multiplex systems known as the Uber/ Air Bnb of this industry. 

I have known Dr. Stan Harris aka Dr. Breakthrough and his wife nadia for years. He is in a class all by himself, he has to be one of the most unique, gifted and hardest working men that I have ever met in my 26 years of being in this industry. He and Nadia are an awesome duo that  supports their team unlike anything I've ever seen before!   

Dr Stan was the #1 income earner and the #1 recruiter in three of my Businesses at the same time (Business toolbox, FreeToolBox and Ultimate Cycler).  He's personally sponsored over 800 people and has over 1.5 million people on his team! He knows how to build teams and he can teach you his Breakthrough Team Building principles that will change your business forever. Every network marketer needs to get his new book entitled, "How To Build A Big Team Fast" and as a matter of fact, you would do well to buy several copies and share them with your team members! If you want a Breakthrough in your Business...get Dr Stan's newest book asap...and I promise that you will be glad that you did.

Peter Wolfing CEO Multiplex Systems

Dr. Breakthrough is the first person I have ever seen grow a team so fast that he was positioned at $25,000 weekly!  I have seen the power of this with Dr. Breakthrough even years before in ministry he built up a team starting at the age of 16 to do God's work and then in just a few years grow it to thousands from around the world.

It is time to take a stand for the newbie and average home business distributor!  This book is a way to give the nuts and bolts rather than to focus on the pie in the sky style marketing that we see so much of these days. 

Get the book, get it in the hands of everyone on your team and entire organization so that you can give yourself long term solutions that can last.

Dwayne Golden, Sr. CEO Ingresso & Duit BitCoin Network

If you have never built a large team it was probably because you did not know how.  then what are you waiting for?

You provide the WHY and Dr. Stan now provides the HOW.  Now you have no excuse!  Get to work and expect a breakthrough!

I would only study from men with a proven background to support their techniques. Dr. Stan has repeatedly built many large teams resulting in significant income.
Absolutely worth the read!

Carefully read with pencil and yellow underliner. To multiply and duplicate yourself get the book. There is a direct correlation for success in the book ... but if you want massive success get books to your team who intern gets books for their team! Now you can expect your financial world to change!

The word success is only found in the Bible one time and it speaks of prosperity and good success.
Joshua 1:8 get busy!
AJ Krause, Multiple Six Figure Earner 

I've worked closely with Dr. Stan Harris (aka Dr. Breakthrough) over the years and have never known anyone more, dynamic, driven and tenacious. Dr. Harris exemplifies what can be accomplished with focused discipline and effort and challenges all those around him to rise up and step into their greatness. He has years of experience as a motivational speaker, author, and successful entrepreneur to draw upon. "How to Build Big Teams Fast" is the culmination of all those years of experience. In this book, Dr. Harris manages to distill his years of wisdom down into a set of practical principles that anyone can grasp and apply immediately to elevate their lives and business to the next level. I highly recommend and encourage anyone wishing to truly succeed in business and in life to read this book.            
                                                              Trisha Smith