This is Dr. Stan Harris, known as “Dr. Break Through,” and welcome to How to Build a Big Team Fast. The industry of home based business is perhaps one of the most rewarding and powerful ventures you could ever be part of, but the only problem is that a lot of people don’t understand how to be truly successful.
     I'm going to give you seven main principles and several sub-principles of the industry of free enterprise, specifically, home based business. There is approximately a 97% failure rate in this industry, and that’s just awful. This book addresses ways to counteract that rate, where people can truly have the success they desire and deserve.
     I've had the privilege of being at the top of six different companies, and that’s been a blessing in my life. In the last company, I built before this current one, I built a team of 22,826 people in five and one-half months, and I was making $100,000 a month. It’s incredible when your monthly income starts to exceed your previous annual income. That makes a huge difference in your life.
     Many people have big dreams, goals and aspirations when they get started in this industry, but sometimes it doesn’t happen as fast as they thought it would. I think it can happen a lot faster than many people experience, which is why I have a powerful training system called Shortcuts of Success and why this book is written. Shortcuts of Success is based on three components:

1.    Have a mentor who can inspire you.
2.    Have a model that you can follow.
3.    They will teach you methods that you can implement.

     By the way, the speed of your implementation will determine the speed of your success. If I booked a team of 22,826 people in five and one-half months, it only stands to reason that if I teach you what I did, and then if you duplicate what I did, you would have greater success than you’re having now. Perhaps you’ll have the success I have, and you may have even greater success.
     I’m not the standard. I never even had the results that I had that powerfully, that quickly, that strong like I did with that company. But those principles that I learned and put into practice worked. And that’s one thing you’re going to learn in this book.
     Not quite three months ago, I started another business and as of today have 9,006 people on my team. This is the third month and already I have 9,006 people on my new team.
     We’re talking about something that works if you work it, so jot this down: “Nothing works until you do.” Again, nothing works until you do.
     One thing I tell people is that you really can’t prove to me that something doesn’t work. You can only prove it hasn’t worked for you yet, or that you’re not working it right.
     Let’s get started and consider the first principle.